Performance Workshop STILLPOINT, 2017


UCC Creative joined forces with Cork Community Art Link and Cork Midsummer Festival to present STILLPOINT, a four day intensive workshop / performance with John Fox & Sue Gill. Described as ‘English Visionaries’ and at the vanguard of radical arts practice for five decades, the duo brought their distinctive work to Cork for a workshop involving international practitioners in theatre, music, dance & visual arts. 

John Fox and Sue Gill are the founders of the ‘mighty and influential Welfare State International, a company whose work always crossed and crashed all boundaries’ (Lyn Gardner in The Guardian, 2013). Founded in 1968, Welfare State’s pioneering work in celebratory theatre, site specific events, community art, lantern parades and new ceremonies for rites of passage reinvented forms of creative participation and celebration for the last 40 years. 

Small scale and open ended, STILLPOINT was a creative opportunity to connect head, heart and hands in an intense, focused and playful manner, free for a short while from economic and political hysteria. The performance sharing took place on Customs House Quay as part of Cork Midsummer Festival.