UCC CREATIVE & UCC Environmental Research Institute

Glenkeen Gardens, West Cork

In collaboration with the Crespo Foundation & Dance Cork Firkin Crane.

                    DANCE ARTIST/UCC PLANT SCIENTIST PRESENTATIONS                    

Thursday 14th September at 6pm

Dance Cork Firkin Crane

Dance artists Gráinne O’Carroll and Isabella Oberländer give performance presentations, in collaboration with UCC Plant Scientists Rossana Henriques and Eoin Lettice.

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Dance Artist Open Call

UCC Creative is an initiative to develop and advocate for creative practice at UCC in lively collaboration with local, national and international communities, festivals and creative / cultural industries. UCC Creative Events include public art commissions, workshops, showcases and residencies.

The UCC Environmental Research Institute hosts over 450 researchers across 25 schools and 6 research centres within the University. Their mission is to generate new research knowledge for the understanding and protection of our natural environment, and develop technologies, tools, services and policy knowledge to facilitate a transformation to a zero carbon, resource efficient, and sustainable society.

For 2022 / 2023 UCC Creative has partnered with the Environmental Research Institute, the Crespo Foundation (Frankfurt) and Dance Cork Firkin Crane to develop two pilot residencies for Irish / Irish-based dance artists in collaboration with plant scientists from UCC in response to Glenkeen Garden in West Cork.

The Crespo Foundation is a charitable foundation that supports artists and arts institutions and carries our operational projects in the fields of art, education and social affairs.

Dance Cork Firkin Crane specialises in supporting dance artists, presenting dance performances and encouraging people in Cork to engage with dance of all kinds.

We are delighted to announce that the two successful Dance Artists for this pilot residency programme are: Gráinne O’Carroll and Isabella Oberländer.


Gráinne O’Carroll is a performer, director and educator working across textiles, installation, multi-disciplinary performance, and community participation. Her works often deal with the porous nature between the body and its environment, tracing narratives and peripheral modes of expression embedded/embodied in a surrounding.


Isabella Oberländer is a dance artist, who engages with choreographic processes that embrace the advocacy of the dancing body. All the while working to explore a visceral articulation of physicality and thought. Oberländer’s practice is guided by ongoing fascinations with identity/intersectional feminist politics, performativity and otherness.

Further Information:

The stunning cultivated and wild gardens at Glenkeen in West Cork (owned by the Crespo Foundation) provide the botanical context / coastal environment for these pilot residencies bringing together the embodied intelligence of dance artists with the research of plant scientists at UCC. A joint initiative of UCC Creative and the Environmental Research Institute in collaboration with the Crespo Foundation and Dance Cork Firkin Crane, this is a distinctive opportunity to develop R&D for an art-science partnership.

These residencies place the intelligence of dance artists as creative researchers, somatic adventurers and performers into a lively collaborative partnership with plant scientists to develop projects in the context of a coastal garden. This is a pilot project, and residencies will focus on developing the collaborative partnership through initial research and development.

Dance Artists Gráinne O’Carroll and Isabella Oberländer give performance presentations on their residencies in Glenkeen Gardens in West Cork during 2023, in collaboration with UCC Plant Scientists Rossana Henriques and Eoin Lettice. These pilot collaborative residency programmes are an initiative of UCC Creative in collaboration with UCC’s Environmental Research Institute, Dance Cork Firkin Crane and the Crespo Foundation (Frankfurt).

Dr. Rossana Henriques is a Senior Lecturer in Plant Genetics in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at UCC. Her current research focusses on how plants perceive time.

Dr. Eoin Lettice is a Lecturer & Principal Investigator in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at UCC.Plant His research interests include plant pathology, biological control, soil biology, sustainable agriculture as well as the role of urban trees and green spaces.